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Medical blunders are well documented and serious mistakes have been made in the medical world for centuries. There were many practices that were seen as heroic and taken as the norm years ago. Now they are accepted as amoral and barbaric. It was widely believed, in the medical profession, that children did not feel pain. They simply did not have pain receptors to recognise pain and crying was an emotional reflex response to discomfort.

About Jayne

‘I have lived and breathed health and wellness from an early age, always involved in sport gymnastics and dance. I love seeking healthy ways to improve my body and passing information onto others.

View exercise as a daily tool to instantly enhance your mind, reduce stress and feel positive. Exercise boosts the levels of health-promoting brain chemicals like serotonin. Exercise is also a medical tool to lose weight, prevent disease and live longer.

Throughout the year there are many sport centres, instructors and dance teachers who work tirelessly organising classes and workshops in the region. Find out who's who and register your club or instructor for free.

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