Treating depression with homeopathy.

 Writen by..MUDr. Jaroslav Čupera.(   For many people feeling sad, without energy, and a general feeling of being under the weather could be due to Winter depression, commonly known as seasonal affective disorder. How can one deal with it using homeopathy?

Seasonal affective disorder was first described professionally in 1980, even though mental illness lasting from autumn to spring is already mentioned by Hippocrates. It is a type of depression that occur just in the winter months and affects, every year, more than half a million people in the UK and more than a million people in the United States. The significance and severity of the disorder according to the economic statistics from Sweden where the sun does not shine for six months a year, show that during this period it has the highest suicide rate in the world. Most of those affected are women aged 18 to 30 years.

The diagnosis of seasonal affective disorder can be difficult, because the symptoms are very diverse and depends on the severity of the disease. What is important is the occurrence of problems from autumn to spring to their disappearance in the spring and summer.

Try homeopathy

The most prominent drugs in which image deterioration is in winter, humidity or in cloudy weather, are as follows:

First Aurum Metallicum is a common drug for people with depression and is a "prototype" patients with seasonal affective disorder. It's life could be characterized by three words - stress, tension and sadness. Another characteristic is that the mental state is very dependent on the light, depression and hopelessness worsen at night and on days when the sun does not shine. Depression tends to be very deep, heavy hopelessness and future literally sees black. They can not enjoy the company of other people, are often very silent, and when they speaks, and complain....

Second Causticum is the remedy for those very sensitive to cold and dry weather, and often their condition deteriorates only when there is a change to dry weather. Their condition, physical and mental, improve in temperate and humid weather.

Ignatia Amara is the third known cure for emotional problems and can be useful even in winter depression. It is suitable for people who, because of their great emotional sensitivity, vulnerability and its exacting standards often fall into mourning with secrecy and closing in on themselves. In this state they are also constantly low. They need to cry alone, whereupon they  lament the unjust life and hates attempts to approach and comfort. The key word for this drug is a paradox, therefore they better by comforting distraction or help that draws them to between humans and lightweight sport and good fun.......

MUDr. Jaroslav Čupera


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