B.T.T. plan 30 days diary

So many diet plans around and so many theories. In reality they work if:

1. You reset your mind set
2. You get back to eating unprocessed food
3. You exercise.

So I decided to devise and follow my B.T.T. plan for 30 days and publish the results.

We all need a kick start to get us back on track...even fitness consultants need to stay fit...and it's not always possible. I spend several hours every week training others and researching different aspects of health and fitness but I neglected myself. I had to make a change so for 30 days i decided to follow my own fitness plan. I wanted to show how easy and effective it is and to encourage others to do the same.

B.T.T. 30 days plan diary

The B.T.T. diet and health plan has some very basic universal rules:

1. Eat small and often.

2. When it is cold, drink warm or hot fluids only. Drink one litre of lemon water as first thing in the morning...

3. Ask yourself some honest questions - when do you overeat in the day and what exactly do you tend to binge on? Do you have any lactose, wheat intolerance? The simple indicators that your body may be sensitive to lactose or wheat is the bloated feeling soon after eating or fatigue. If you do have an intolerance to wheat or lactose you will have to change your food consumption.

4. Exercise is a must. There are several programs one can follow but keep it simple and methodical. I will show exercise sequences that I believe work effectively to strengthen the body and reduce body fat later.

5. Re-alcohol - less is best...but a little of what you fancy does you good. (more details later).

6. Drink pure juice daily (350 mgs lemon / apple / carrot juice). Start after the first week. I started it on Day 8 drinking 350 mgs daily.

It was time to get my body in order. I was beginning to look like a retired outsized wrestler and I was not happy with myself. I devised this 30 days plan (combining advice from my sisters, fitness advisors and from my own experience in Natural bodybuilding) believing it would make the body stronger, cleaner and faster. To prove my theory i decided to follow it for 30 days and show the results.

If you have any questions about this plan feel free to contact me.


One litre of warm water with lemon

A bowl of porridge with sultanas

Mid-morning snack

Chopped carrots and apples with sultanas

1 litre of water


A tin of tuna with 2 slices of rye bread

Plain yogurt with one apple and one lemon

Afternoon snack

Chopped carrots with apples and sultanas

Glass of water

Evening meal

Rice with chicken and tomatoes

Herbal tea and carrot/lemon and apple juice mix.

Half a litre of water.

I exercised in the morning (20mins) and (10min) in the evening

No hunger pains. Energy level high. Slept well

Supplements – supplied by JML Zlin

Vit C 2000 mgs daily and Ginkgo bilo

Day 2

Morning - The same as day 1 (above)

Afternoon - The same as day 1 (above)

Supplements - Vit C 2000 mgs

Again i slept well. Energy levels high.

Day 3

Morning - Oatmeal and milk, rye bread and an apple

Afternoon - A tin of sardine, rye bread, 2 apples, red berries and 4 rice cakes.

Evening - rice with fish (coley), a handful or raisins, a yogurt

Execised 45 minutes cardio (low intensity).

Day 4

I continue to eat 5/6 times a day but I will simply list the food throughout the day.

Porridge, rice cakes with chicken slices, an apple with chopped carrots. Two wholemeal rolls

Two lemons, tomatoes, a fruit and nut bar, rice with chicken and a heap of mixed vegetables

Supplements - Vit C 2000 mgs and 120 mgs B6.

Day 5

Porridge/oatmeal. 2 brown rolls, ham slices, orange and an apple, chicken in breadcrumbs with 4 rice cakes, strawberries, a slice of fruit loaf. Rice with 2 tins of sardines and 2 yogurts.

Day 6

Porridge/oatmeal and some dried apricots. Rice cakes with yogurt topping, 2 wholemeal rolls, sardines.

A brown roll, rice with boiled pork. A bowl of lettuce, tomatoes, apples. A glass of wine and 3 wholemeal biscuits.

Day 7 Saturday - Extra event - Village carnival - hence wine

Porridge/oatmeal, ham slices and wholemeal bread. Rice, chicken, large mixed salad. 2 slices of pizza, yogurt, orange, apple.

Two wholemeal rolls. 2 glasses of red wine. Yogurt with honey. Homemade pure 'detox' juice - apple/carrot/lemon (350 mgs).

Supplements - Vit C 3000 mgs and 120 mgs B6

Day 8

Porridge/oatmeal and dried sultanas. 2 wholemeal biscuits. 2 wholemeal rolls. A handful of cherry tomatoes. Chicken slices.

A bowl of goulash, rye bread and salad. A small glass of wine. Vit C 2000 mgs. Detox juice 350 mgs.

Day 9

Porridge/oatmeal. 2 wholemeal rolls. 1 tin of sardines and mixed vegetables, 2 apples with 3 rice cakes. 2 yogurts. Salad and tuna. Yogurt. 2 biscuits.

1 small glass of wine. Vit C 2000 mgs and 120 mgs B6. Detox juice - one glass (350 mgs).


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