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Feel it.
Taste it.
Hold it.
Paste it.

C and B fit for life.



My special services:

 Nanobodix by Charlesbfit Sorry - this has been discontinued.



 Mime and Dance shows.

Preparing a special event, ball, wedding or a show?
Then make it extra special by booking  a show that's tailored to your needs.


My products: Fitness DVD on Sale

Sponsors: AION, VZP Pojištovna.
Directed and edited by Julian Overall

English Lessons
Individual / Group.

English lessons tailored to suit your needs
Regular, Reliable and Rewarding!


And finally something special:
Nanobodix Sportswear - Sorry this has been discontinued

We have a wide range of lesuire/sportwear and we also offer our made to measure service, including your own logos and designs.

How Does It Work?

Body odour is caused by the bacteria on your skin breaking down proteins in your sweat. Sweat in itself does not smell unpleasant.

The key is to stop bacteria from growing and that's where Nanospol technology comes in.

When bacteria can't start, then body odour does not develop. Nanospol does not allow bacteria to grow. It doesn't mask it, it doesn't hide it, it doesn't inhibit it. It simply doesn't allow it to grow.  

Silver is natures best antimicrobial agent.By introducing trace quatities of silver ions will totally inhibit the growth of all microbes. Not just those that are responsible for body odour but also bacteria causing illness or disease.

They are durable, long lasting and produced in accordance with the Eco-label.


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