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New in the sport center we will offer Charles '  lessons, every Wednesday at 5 pm - DanceFit and at 6 pm - Total Body.Lessons, For all. Shape and tone the whole body. Fun and effectiveness .Starting September 4th 2019. see-

About Jayne

‘I have lived and breathed health and wellness from an early age, always involved in sport gymnastics and dance. I love seeking healthy ways to improve my body and passing information onto others.

Medical blunders are well documented and serious mistakes have been made in the medical world for centuries. There were many practices that were seen as heroic and taken as the norm years ago. Now they are accepted as amoral and barbaric. It was widely believed, in the medical profession, that children did not feel pain. They simply did not have pain receptors to recognise pain and crying was an emotional reflex response to discomfort.


The right balance of vitamins and minerals are essential for the body. When there is a deficiency the body will malfunction. External and internal enviromental conditions can affect all aspects of health. Comprehensive research shows that the most effective vitamins and minerals absorb quickly naturally and effectively in the body. Here's where....


Some people never seem to be ill for any length of time whilst others are constantly ill. We often see people who are heavily reliant on tablets seemingly take longer to recover than others who focus on good nutrition. A strong immunity system is one of the many ways we can keep serious illnesses such as cancer and other immunity affectived disorders at bay.

I am a firm believer in the power and benefit of exercise. Indeed i work with many mature clients who belie their age. They are fit, vibrant and full of energy. They live life to the full because they have invested a little bit of time for exercise. They also continue to improve physically and recover swiftly from common ailments. Live it - do it. 

This unique website is here to enable you find your way around in the fitness world. Discover and update centres, instructors and classes/workshops in your region. Discover and share facts and tips on health and fitness. Add your expertise and spread your network far and wide.

On Saturday 23. 5. 2015 the second annual Avon Walk will be held in Luhačovice in and around  Luhacovice Reservoir. The event will take place from 12:00 with a program full of games and contests for children, and a program for adults to try out Avon cosmetics, learn about breast cancer prevention and purchase charity items.

Dance under the sky in front of the University Library Zlin. Join in and dance or simply come and soak up the atmosphere. Open for everyone. Wednesday 20/5/2015.

Fitness can be a lot of fun and the benefits of a 2 weeks ( one hour a day ) course is tenfold. Your body will change as you are introduced to different styles and approaches to fitness specially created to suit your ability We are so sure that this is very effective that we will ,in part, refund your registration fee if you do not see any results.The courses are created to bring about maximum results in a fun relaxed atmosphere. Book your place now.


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